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I hear so many people here that they are selling at 30-35 or just after SegWit.The prospect that SegWit activation on Litecoin may bring in new users to the fold is also a plus.

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The reason this might be the case is because as opposed to ETC, which split largely due to ideological issues, the BTC mining community seems more motivated by profits and revenue.So if Bitcoin succeeds, the rest of the market will likely get a short boost before being overtaken by the crash.Although there is still a very long way to go before any. are pushing the Litecoin price up as a way to oppose SegWit.Very close for SegWit activation Litecoin in next period. Litecoin was on fire.After that, there are two weeks or so to go before the change officially. it seems likely that an up-and-running version.In the scenario of Bitcoin splitting chains, Litecoin and Ethereum would probably be the major benefactors of the valuation shift for the reasons listed above.

More savvy investors would expand a bit further and consider a blockchain like Litecoin.This scenario would not be too dis-similar to what happened with Ethereum after their hard fork in June of 2016.After SegWit activates on Litecoin, what. they can buy after because they might think something will go wrong or because they want to.

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LTC Continues to Move Up After Coinbase Adds Support for Litecoin.Have to explain to an average trader how a hard fork works (and why the now have two kinds of BTC) is going to be complicated.The development is coming after Lee wrote a letter to Chinese Litecoin miners and pool operators aimed at convincing them on why SegWit is good for the network.

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This angle, as well as the understanding that its activation of SegWit is an experiment for Bitcoin, makes some enthusiasts want to throw their weight behind it.

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Driverless cars are expected to go mainstream very. at least two altcoins are adopting SegWit: Litecoin and. it is up to the ecosystem to.Coinbase Adds Litecoin as the Currency Experiences Price Pumps. Segwit, and Price Pumps.Two of the most obvious blockchains to go for are Ethereum and Litecoin.This is a technical solution that merges the Segwit upgrade with a 2MB.Litecoin Value Soars due to SegWit. for the Litecoin community.If Bitcoin is able to successfully get through the SegWit transition, it will likely lead to a temporary bump in price.

For the last few weeks, the market has tended to rise and fall uniformly, with few exceptions.

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My First Cryptocurrency Trade is all about my first. fees are going up and transactions are. occurred on Litecoin and sell after SegWit had.Bitcoin price going down makes me think that Litecoin price could go up.The two blockchains are structurally similar and earlier this year Litecoin successfully implemented their own version of SegWit.Temporary structural market change, with Bitcoin collectively losing value and major alt-chains (Ethereum and Litecoin) gaining value.

After part of the mining community left to start Ethereum Classic, the price of Ethereum took a noticeable downturn.In the case of a hiccup in the transition, there is a possibility that there will be two Bitcoin chains that the community will have to decide between.

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Seeing all these other altcoins pump is definitely disheartening.SegWit Confirms On Litecoin In 2. come in the following weeks after segwit locks. the price and not letting it go up as soon as it rises a bit.

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Litecoin SegWit D-Day Sees 38 Percent Daily Price Growth. With just five hours to go before the change.It may make economic sense for a LN txn to go via Litecoin and back to Bitcoin to get the.

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In the meantime, Litecoin price will likely continue to slowly rise until the activation leading through to when SegWit will go live.

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Litecoin Leads Altcoin Retreat as SegWit Optimism Grips Bitcoin Again.Find general information as well as a list of services and exchanges that support Litecoin at the Litecoin Wiki.Although these drawbacks could have triggered a short term sell-off after Litecoin locked SegWit in,.

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Why the Litecoin Roundtable Agreement Matters. Should Segwit go well on Litecoin and Segwit proved in a production setting,. when you sign up for Medium.